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✓ Xiaomi - Flash without Credit - Reset | Disable Micloud One Click Via EDL No Need UnlockBootLoader No Need Flash File | Fix Baseband | Wipe Efs - Backup - Restore EFS | Read Write QCN
✓ Huawei - UnlockBootLoader Chip Kirin 710 | Kirin 980 | Erase Frp One Click | Support Change Oeminfo MTK - Qualcom - Kirin
✓ Vsmart - Factory Reset | Erase Frp One Click | Flash | Read File Backup | Read - Write Vnram via Meta Mode - Erase Vin ID via ADB One Click
✓ Oppo - Factory Reset MTK with Meta Mode 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 New Method , Possible Without Losing Storage Data (photo, music,...) | Remove Demo One Click No Need Flash File | Support Factory Reset All Realme - OPPO Chip MTK
✓ Oppo - Factory Reset Brom mode MTK new security format data safe | Flash frimware | Extract OFP File - Remove Knox | Wipe EFS - Backup/Backup NVRAM
✓ Vivo - Factory Reset | Erase Frp | Remove Demo | Wipe EFS | Factory Via Meta Mode | Safe Format Without Lost Data | Read - Write NVRAM - All One Click
✓ IOS - OFF iCloud With Token 1-Click Iphone 6S/6SP/7G/7P/8G/8P/X Iphone Need Jailbreak - Fake Ios / Restore Active ICCID
✓ IOS - Read Hw Info Address Wifi ,Bluetool With Phone Lost - Info Or Dead Hdd (6G/5SE/6S/6SP/7G/7P/8G/8P/X)


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    HELP ! About Getting the UnlockTool

    Sorry if this is inappropriate or wrong post, but im just curious about how to get the software? Downloaded but couldnt install because the error of *cant connect to server*
  2. S

    HELP ! Help Please 🙏 Unlock OPPO A1

    Hello Everybody, My family found a phone on road , A Oppo Phone, I tried to unluck to the shop. Impossible. Can someone Help me to unlock and reboot without password. Big thanks 🙏
  3. T

    HELP ! Iphone 5s Unlock Carrier Error

    UNLOCK SIM (ICCD) Product Type : iPhone6,1 OS Verison : 12.5.5 Serial Number : DNQLKGWBFF9R IMEI : 0138xxxxxxxxxxx SIM Status : kCTSIMSupportSIMStatusReady Device ID : 946efe7e868740c48c60d5cdaa488c89abf5fd48 Checking lastest OS verion... OK Lastest OS version : 15.4 Lastest OS build : 19E241...
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    HELP ! Help!! Cannot unlock bootloader for Xiaomi 9A

    Hi All, Just purchase unlock tool but doesn't get it working. After login, I choose Xiaomi->Security->Choose Xiaomi Redmi 9A/9T/9I -> [BROM] UNLOCK BOOTLOADER It stuck in "Waiting for device" as attached screenshot. I have tried to re-install all drivers found in "CONFIG", but still no luck. I...
  5. F

    HELP ! account unlock mi note 8 2021

    Hola; Estoy intentando desbloquear la cuenta Mi de un note 8 2021 y me tira el error vid_0000&pid_0000 ¿Qué puedo hacer?
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    INFOR Download UnlockTool Latest Version 2022

    If you are looking for a tool to remove FRP and screen lock from Android devices, then the Unlock Tool is the solution for you. It works well on different brands and can unlock any type of mobile phone from Android 5.0 to Android 12. All you need to do is download the tool and install it on your...
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    HELP ! How To Fix !!!!!!!!

    Authenticating... OK Initializing usb... OK Waiting for device... COM9 Connection : USB 1.0 High-Speed USB Driver : [MediaTek Inc.] wdm_usb - Version : Boot Mode : BOOTROM [0E8D:0003] Bypassing authentication... OK Analyzing preloader... preloader_cactus.bin [EMI:7] [Internal]...
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    UNLOCK Nokia Unlocker Software With Latest Version

    Nokia Unlock Tool Latest Now we want to introduce an amazing and useful full Unlocking tool for the users of Nokia phones and the tool is Nokia phones unlocked software. These tools will help you to unlock your Nokia phones from any security codes and we will give this software free for our...
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    UNLOCK Samsung A12 MDM remove

    Hello! I'm new on this forum, but no so new in phone repairs/unlocks. I have Samsung A12 with MDM on it. Of course KG STATE is Locked and phone is not usable at all. With UnlockTool i'm able to unlock bootloader and set KG STATE to Completed and that gives me back control over the system BUT...