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    HELP ! why no redmi 7 in unlocktool .we need to flash

    You don't need to have it listed in the program. Just make the testpoint and flash it (forget the 2 first fields, go directly to sellect the flash file from your computer)
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    HELP ! samsung A546B frp unlock

    yes, okado, waste your time with z3x. Z3x was the last one to copy the * #0 * # solution. it's getting on the last position (on porpouse in some solutions to sell more Panda, there's solutions that can be implemented in z3x and they don't want to)
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    HELP ! Huawei P8 Lite (2017) problem to flash

    I have this Huawei P8 Lite (2017) and I'm trying to flash it (as upgrade with the latest firmware decompressed selecting I'd made the testpoint and t recognizes as huawei com 1.0. The result: UPGRADE FLASH Scanning port... FAIL UNLOCKTOOL 2023.12.09.0 Elapsed time : 3 seconds If I...
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    HELP ! Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime not supported

    I guess you're with the wrong model. It's not the same Redmi 11 Prime (4g) than Redmi 11 Prime 5G (4g got a Mediatek Helio G99 and 5g a Mediatek Dimensity 700). Allways read the phone in fastboot or even better in sideload mode (you'll have the firmware version, not only the correct...
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    HELP ! 2023.12.04.0 miui flash?

    in new update 2023.12.04.0 I'm trying to load the flash files in Mi flash tab and it doesn't laod the files.
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    HELP ! UnlockTool-2023-11-29-0 without testpoints

    In UnlockTool-2023-11-29-0 every time I open Testpoint Tab "status: loading testpoints..." "status: Done!". But no list of models or any image.
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    HELP ! Infinix Hot 10 Play/Hot 12 Play not support few days ago

    can you put it in recovery to check version? Y had one of setember that coudn't connect too.
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    HELP ! Infinix Hot 10 Play/Hot 12 Play not support few days ago

    you didn't used preloader auth and choosed one of the 2 aveilable. Try it.
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    HELP ! a217f sep 2023 security frp fail

    I'm sorry to get mad but there's no other way. Any of you are cappable of reading? When you open the [ COM ] REMOVE FRP [ 2023 ] the firtst line said: "IMPORTANT: Security Patch 07/2023 and above is not support!" The solution showed up at the same time in all the tools, Samsung improoved the...
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    HELP ! Fimware

    I don't speak your language but I guess what you're trying to do. You're trying to flash a Tecno in MTK tab. Tecno / infinix and Itel coud need preloader to allow to flash. Check PRELOADER auth and choose one of the 2 options for that 3 brands.
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    ERASE FRP Redmi Note 10 pro (sweet-k6a) Fail FRP

    Sideload mode only for android 11 and first roms of android 12 (working with phones is not pressing a botton, read a little, search in forums, get into security and processors, what other tools can do, etc.). EDL mode is made for each phone and they need the loader for each one to work. If it's...
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    INFOR How can i check my unlock tool license expair date

    open the program. on the bottom you got youtube, your computer name, your user and a number in ( ). That number is the quantity of days left.
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    HELP ! S20FE FRP unlock

    When you are in the Bypass FRP the first thing that you have is "IMPORTANT: Security Patch 07/2023 and above is not support!" Allways check security patch. Some of them have firmware to downgrade in same Bit, some of them don't (like your's: bit D started with the 07/23 security patch)
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    HELP ! Binded PC Time

    it was a mesure taked cos some people rent their accounts, and they try to aboid it. It's the problem with on line licences without fisical device.
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    HELP ! New license with 359 days only !!!

    It looks that they use a Venus year. I suffered the same kind of scam when I get my licence and the renewal of it (and I'll have to renew it this month again). In 5 year you'll lose a month.
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    HELP ! Poco M4 Pro 5g Evergreen error with Unlocktool

    Try before disabling micloud
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    HELP ! Poco M4 Pro 5g Evergreen error with Unlocktool

    Not with that model but it happened to me with other ones. Some are problem with the solution cos of the firmware version, but some it was just perform a hard reset (without restart) before you make the reset/disable
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    SHARE unlock all deveice for free without any payement or money

    It's fake, don't even try to download it. You can check the same users in different forums are the developers and the "successfull users"
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    HELP ! Realme C30s imei failed

    Got Realme c30s spreadtrum and tried several times. Turned off in spreadtrum section it repports job done (the first log), but didn't change on the phone (same result with the topwise tool). REPAIR IMEI Power off phone then plug in usb cable! Waiting for device... COM65 (SPRD U2S Diag)...
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    HELP ! Samsung SM-X200 frp

    It's a t618, not supported as SPD yet.
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    HELP ! Samsung SM-X200 frp

    X200 is wi-fi only, no emergency call.
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    Successfully Moto E32 SPD FRP done!

    ERASE FRP Selected Platform : Tiger T606_64_Bypass Connect Testpoint or hold VOL DOWN! Instruction here! Waiting for device... COM65 (SPRD U2S Diag) USB : USB\VID_1782&PID_4D00\6&10229F87&0&6 Initializing loader... OK Protocol : SPRD3 Sending payload... OK Sending auth data... OK Sending...
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    HELP ! a035f u3 frp not done SECURITY PATCH LEVEL 2023-03-01

    Repeat and check the testpoint. In Spreadtrum the connection looks the same with and without testpoint. I'd done that model with may security.
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    HELP ! redmi note 9 pro joyeuse nao tem na ferramenta

    The problem with joyeuse is authorization. I'd flash some of them but in the first versions, in newer versions normally you have to pay a authorization service. To avoid this, cos you have it in a 12.0, you can try to upgrade it in recovery mode with xiaomi pro tool (it's free). The server...
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    HELP ! redmi note 9 pro joyeuse nao tem na ferramenta

    As Phu Mobile indicated, there's no tool that support this model. Still have options. Have you tried, I don't know, for example, flashing via testpoint checking Reset Micloud / Erase FRP / Disable Micloud? There is a difference between a tool not working and not knowing how to use it. Want to...
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    INFOR UnlockTool-2023-06-04-0 Windows Defender reports as virus

    UnlockTool-2023-06-04-0 is detected as infected by windows defender (it doesn't happen with previous updates). I was able to run it anyway changing the antivirus settings but it's a problem even to download it.
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    HELP ! Olá ADM, vamos atualizar o unlocktool para aceitar firmware 13 da xiaome, vários aparelhos novos não são mas com firmware 12

    You will be in the same situation with other tools. As I told you, all the products are selled "as is". They don't know what they will be able to do in future. And Unlocktool has support, check the updates of the last year. You'll be for ever disapointed, have a nice life. ****** Vai estar na...
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    HELP ! Olá ADM, vamos atualizar o unlocktool para aceitar firmware 13 da xiaome, vários aparelhos novos não são mas com firmware 12

    If you use and buy other boxes and activations, you know that the product is selled "as is". You can complain if they sell it to you saying "we will support this and this model in 3 months" and they didn't. When you get it you allready knew what was supported. I resarch for a week at least befor...
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    HELP ! Olá ADM, vamos atualizar o unlocktool para aceitar firmware 13 da xiaome, vários aparelhos novos não são mas com firmware 12

    Before complaining, you have to see what other tools offer. Do you have another tool that can do what you're experiencing from Unlocktool? Please research what reverse engineering is, which is the way ALL unlocking and maintenance tools operate: the manufacturer creates the software and...
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    HELP ! Olá ADM, vamos atualizar o unlocktool para aceitar firmware 13 da xiaome, vários aparelhos novos não são mas com firmware 12

    First of all, respect the forum rules (in english, even using google translator). Second, of course they are searching for solutions cos they don't want to loose clients. The solution in recovery wasn't created by them (guess the first one was xtool) but it was adopted by all the boxes (it's...
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    Try with fastboot options to reboot in recovery
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    QUESTION Mi Note 10 not supported compte mi

    Sideload method only for android 11 and 12. You can try to update to android 11 with mi flash pro (search for last update for recovery mode, must start with "13" with phone in sideload mode) and then you can use this method.
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    HELP ! unable to open mi account all modelsredmi 8a redmi 5 pls do needful

    Read the instrucions. Sideload mode works in Android 11 and 12
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    HELP ! Unlock tool no work

    Same problem in here. Updated several times, same result.
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    HELP ! Update 2022.09.24.0 "Tool has not been updated" error

    After trying to update unlocktool today to 2022.09.24.0 (downloaded directly several times, updated directly from 2022.09.20 5 times), message "you're using the latest version but when you press login, "tool has not been updated". I can't use tool even in older version, please help.
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    HELP ! xiaomi 11t (agate) problem flash on unlocktool

    I'd similar problem with other model. Try to flash in mtk universal, just load the scatter.
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    HELP ! Unlock bootloader Poco M4 Pro 5g please

    Same problem here. Tried with V12.5.6.0.RGBEUXM and V12.5.2.0.RGBMIXM. Allways corrupted, and the tool can't reppair (had to flash again). Tried with and without custom EMI (preloader).
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    In android 11 they removed broadcom connection if FRP is on. Had to get a server service that flash some stuff by fastboot to clean it up.
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    Guess mine is in a higer version of security (TA-1274). It doesn't recognize when you connect it. I've tryed with the solutions to put it in recovery, it get's in the android but not recovery at all (with any combination). Only way to recognize is normal mode and fastboot.
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    HELP ! samsung a02s kg Writing flash programmer... FAIL [Sahara] Firehose verification failed!

    There's another one that doesn't work in the new binary (U2). A03s (a037m). That one is MTK, it doesn't connect the broadcom (in any tool). And of course a025m U3 (a02s) and a 207m U3 (a20s)
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