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  1. iCodigo

    Successfully Thank everyone for report success to group UnlockTool Official, Create activation key ok and Bypass hello

    Should it be off? I'd like to understand if the iphone I'm copying the SN, should it be without icloud account?
  2. iCodigo

    HELP ! New serial F2LM2MG6FF9V won't work.

    You got me!! this what I'm talking about!! .. For sure this will works since everyone will be using a single SN per each phone. This why everytimes you update it, works for a few minuts, but after more people try, the serial stop working.
  3. iCodigo

    HELP ! iphone 8plu e iphone 7 plus nao funciona desbloqueio

    After update today, still having same problem.
  4. iCodigo

    HELP ! New serial F2LM2MG6FF9V won't work.

    You guys have to generate auto new serials everytimes, or allow us to use another working serial numbers for activaction hello. We just need to make sure this serial it is : off.
  5. iCodigo

    HELP ! New serial F2LM2MG6FF9V won't work.

    Still having same issue, even though you guys changed serial numbers 3 times today.
  6. iCodigo

    HELP ! iphone 7 plus error in activating with server

    Same problem here! since last night
  7. iCodigo

    HELP ! iPhone 7gsm after hello bypass

    imei should be off.. That's how Hello bypass works. However, the issue here, it is that after hello bypass and imei off, it should get activated. The real error here it is the server activation ffor hello.
  8. iCodigo

    HELP ! iphone 8G (GSM) Ramdisk won't work

    iPHone 8 (GSM) [iPHone10,4-d201ap]
  9. iCodigo

    HELP ! iPhone 7G bypass MDM no working!! iOS 15.4.1

    No working !!!! I've tried it multiple times, even update the iOS. Please, make sure a funtion works before post it, because we're providing false information to our customers. Thanks.
  10. iCodigo

    HELP ! iPhone 7G bypass MDM no working!! iOS 15.4.1

    Help!! I've already performed a factory reset on the phone however, still won't work.
  11. iCodigo


    Sure, I just confirmed that it's mandatory : IMEI and samsung Serial number have to be changed, otherwise, sooner or later it'll relock. After flashing rpmb from special particions, it has to be imei and samsung serial number replaced. In case that you have any doubts about how to change...
  12. iCodigo

    HELP ! Fmi off No working

    Hi! I have attempted so many times with different phones, it seems like the icloud account was successfully removed from server, however, when I confirmed on any website for fmi check, it is still ON. So I'd really appreciate any help from you guys. 1-CLICK [1] Initializing... OK...
  13. iCodigo

    UPDATE UnlockTool_2021.10.26.1 Released Update Auto New, bugfix cpu qualcomm

    Thanks for the log, however, I'm wondering if you had to unlock bootloader? thanks
  14. iCodigo


    Hi, Mackmore! Firstly, galaxy A02s and a21s have QUALCOMM processor. Kg locked changes to complete it is only supported for MTK Samsung phones. Secondly, the reason of it go back to lock it is because you are following a incorrect process. Here you are the right procedure : after TP, change KG...
Version   : 2023.02.04.0
UnlockTool_2023.02.04.0 Released Update !
- Hidden icloud can logout and log in to your icloud account supported for ramdisk iphone 6G -> iphone X
- Now added drivers cable magico and anothers change sn
Samsung Mediatek
- Erase frp | factory resset via download mode (force download mode to brom)
- Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite (SM-T225N)
- Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite (SM-T227U)
- Samsung Galaxy A02 (SM-A022F, SM-A022G, SM-A022M)
- Samsung Galaxy A04 (SM-A045F)
- Samsung Galaxy A04e (SM-A042F)
- Samsung Galaxy A12 (SM-A125F, SM-A125M, SM-A125N....)
- Samsung Galaxy A13 (SM-A137F)
- Samsung Galaxy A13 5G (SM-A136B, SM-A136U.....)
- Samsung Galaxy A22 (SM-A225F, SM-A225M, SM-A225N)
- Samsung Galaxy A22 5G (SM-A226B, SM-A226BR, SM-A226L)
- Samsung Galaxy A31 (SM-A315F, SM-A315G, SM-A315N)
- Samsung Galaxy A32 (SM-A325F, SM-A325M, SM-A325N)
- Samsung galaxy A32 5G (SM-A326B, SM-A326BR, SM-A326K....)
- Samsung Galaxy M02 (SM-M022F, SM-M022FV...)
- Samsung Galaxy M22 (SM-M225FV)
- Samsung Galaxy M32 (SM-M325F, SM-M325FV)